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WP5 - Mobilising Investment

It is crucial for RE- desalination technology developers to improve their products and compete equally with conventional water supply solutions in isolated, water-scarce areas. Raising the necessary funds to achieve this objective is a challenge.

ProDes will support technology providers in developing and presenting their plans to investors for raising capital by:

  • Conducting a survey among technology developers that will analyse the nature and size of resources they require to develop further their products and the methods they use to raise the necessary funds
  • Approaching potential investors to collect their feedback on the fund raising methods followed by the RE-desalination companies and Research Institutes
  • Developing guidelines for the technology developers with recommendations on their fund-raising strategies including step-by-step instructions for developing a business plan
  • Identifying the most promising niche markets and concrete project opportunities in the involved countries
  • Identifying opportunities for European companies to export innovative desalination systems powered by renewable energies