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WP 2 - Transfer of research results to the market

That part of the work will coordinate and direct the activities on RE-desalination on a European level in order to link them directly to the market needs and achieve faster and more efficiently the results needed to accelerate the wide application of the technology.

First we will identify the research needs of the industry for developing competitive products ready for the market.  Also the know-how pools that can deliver these services will be found within the academic community or other research performing entities. A large number of relevant stakeholders will be consulted during that process and the result will be the RE Desalination Road Map, which will be presented and discussed in a dedicated event within a conference organised by the European Desalination Society. If you want to be included in that consultation process, please contact us.

Finally a working group that will operate independently from the project will be establ;ished and integrated in the structures of the  European Desalination Society. The main task of this group is to update the road-map and follow-up its implementation after the completion of ProDes.